Case Study

Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Company Reduces Data Movement by 30% with Starburst

American Oil and Gas Company replaces Denodo with Starburst to Achieve Well Master Data and Improve Data Discovery

This Fortune 500 oil and gas producer has three primary business operations related to the production and distribution of oil, referred to as upstream, midstream, and downstream. Each operation requires data domains to be standardized for the major business processes. A major challenge for the company is that data is locked within business unit silos, hindering the company’s ability to make timely decisions on complete data. To unlock visibility across all of the company’s global oil operations and develop Well Master Data, the crude oil and natural gas producer discovered Starburst Enterprise.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits the Oil and Gas Company:

Holistic View of Well Master Data

Starburst provides consistent, easy, and fast SQL-based access to all their data, helping expose Well Master Data in a way that’s complete, efficient, and reliable.

30% Less Data Movement

The oil and gas producer no longer needs to build pipelines for all of their data. They’ve reduced data movement, data copying, and ETL by 30% while ensuring the quality of their data with ad-hoc queries.

Real-Time Reporting

Starburst empowers live querying of near real-time data. Reports that previously took five minutes to refresh are now available to end users immediately.

Starburst does the cross-platform joins, so we’re able to join that data to virtually any other data set that we have. We’re talking about hundreds of data sets and we’re able to do that seamlessly. It’s really exciting.

Data Engineering Manager at the Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Company

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