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Revolutionizing the Customer Journey

in Retail & CPG

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In today’s landscape, digital transformation to provide seamless customer journeys is critical to long-term success. Retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies need to leverage data to drive insights, remain competitive, and build excellent, direct-to-consumer experiences. Analysts grapple with the sheer volume of data generated every second in modern retail, especially with E-commerce experiences expanding in the industry. With increasing pressure to innovate and scale, it can be challenging for organizations to digitally transform efficiently and effectively to meet customer demands.

Watch to learn how retail and CPG organizations can place Starburst at the heart of their data strategy to revolutionize customer experiences and mitigate operational gaps.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Digital transformation revolutionizing the Retail CPG industry
  • How innovators are rising to the challenge
  • How Starburst Data Lake Analytics Platform can support your organization’s customer data strategy for long-term success

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Nick White

Kin + Carta

Kathrine McAfee


Tyler Shapiro


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