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Data Mesh in Practice

How to Set Up a Data-Driven Organization

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There’s so much Data Mesh theory, but most organizations need more strategic guidance on how to implement it. Data Mesh in Practice is the first of its kind, mapping theory to reality. Authors Max Schultze, Data Engineering Manager at Zalando and Dr. Arif Wider, Fellow Technology Consultant at ThoughtWorks, and Professor at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, guide readers through cultivating a Data Mesh mindset when transforming from a data & analytics strategy towards a data-driven organization.

Learn with real-world examples that will help you move from a general understanding of Data Mesh to assessing whether it is the right strategy for your organization. In this research report, you’ll learn about:

  • Cultivating a data product mindset
  • Scaling the Mesh with self-serve data infrastructure
  • Sustaining the Mesh with federated computational data governance
  • The current industry best practices and common pitfalls 

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Meet the authors

Dr. Arif Wider

Max Schultze

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