Starburst Enterprise Platform 443-e: Reviving advanced file caching with file system caching

Published: July 10, 2024

In a previous notice, we announced the deprecation of support for RubiX and Alluxio caching systems due to challenges in providing enterprise-level support on these projects. We’re excited to share that significant progress has been made since then with the following key updates:

  • Collaboration success: Alluxio, Trino, and Starburst have been working closely together to address previous support challenges.
  • Reintroduction of advanced caching: Starting with Starburst Enterprise Platform version 443-e, we’re proud to support file system caching powered by Alluxio.
  • Enhanced performance: The file system cache offers improved query performance and reduced data access costs, similar to the benefits we previously provided.
  • Seamless integration: The file system cache works with Starburst’s Iceberg, Hive, and Delta Lake connectors, offering a more versatile caching solution than Hive-specific RubiX.

This update represents our commitment to delivering high-performance, enterprise-grade solutions while maintaining the supportability our customers expect. For more details on file system caching, refer to the Starburst documentation.

We’re confident that this new approach to caching will provide significant value to our users while aligning with our standards for enterprise support!

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