Deprecation of RubiX, Alluxio, and Sentry in the Starburst Enterprise Hive connector

Published: January 16, 2024

This notice serves to communicate the deprecation of RubiX in Starburst Enterprise Platform and the removal of RubiX, Alluxio, and Sentry integration with the Starburst Enterprise Platform Hive connector.


  • RubiX integration with Starburst Enterprise platform has been sunset and is not supported
  • Integration between RubiX, Alluxio, and Apache Sentry with the Starburst Enterprise Platform Hive connector will also be removed
  • A legacy version of the Hive connector with Rubix, Alluxio and Apache Sentry capabilities intact will be supported until June 2024

Status of RubiX and Alluxio

RubiX has not been actively maintained for approximately two years and is effectively an abandoned project. In addition, the Trino project will soon remove support for RubiX.

Alluxio is not actively tested with Starburst Enterprise and was deprecated in October 2019. 

Since both are external projects, Starburst is unable to address defects or vulnerabilities directly.

Deprecation of RubiX, reiteration of Alluxio’s non-supported status

To eliminate any confusion about their compatibility with Starburst Enterprise (SEP), we are formally deprecating the use of RubiX (AKA “Hive Connector Storage Caching”), effective immediately. Alluxio remains unsupported in SEP. This decision is in line with our commitment to security and quality assurance.

Upcoming release of updated Hive connector

In the coming weeks, Starburst will release a modified Hive connector that removes dependencies associated with RubiX, Alluxio, and Apache Sentry (deprecated in June 2023). This update is a crucial step in enhancing our security posture. 

Legacy support for existing users

We understand that some customers may currently rely on Alluxio, RubiX, or Sentry. To support these users, we will continue to offer a “legacy” Hive connector with support for these solutions until June 1, 2024. Please contact Starburst Support in order to obtain details on configuration. 

However, note that Starburst will not provide additional support, including defect or CVE remediation for RubiX, Alluxio, or Sentry on the legacy connector.

Seeking alternatives?

For customers looking for alternatives to Sentry, RubiX and Alluxio, we encourage you to investigate the following solutions:

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