Starburst Enterprise support: Deprecation of legacy Cloudera platforms

Published: June 7, 2023

Starburst Enterprise is making changes to its product support offerings. This notice serves to provide detailed information about these changes and to ensure our customers are well-prepared for the transition.


  • Support for integration with legacy CDH 6.x, HDP 3.1, and Apache Sentry will be deprecated in the August 2023 Starburst Enterprise LTS release.
  • As of June 2024, Starburst Enterprise will discontinue support for these capabilities.
  • After May 2023, no new deployments should use Apache Sentry, CDH 6.x, or HDP 3.1.

On June 2, 2022, Cloudera ceased both mainstream and limited support for Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 3.1. Similarly, Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) 6.X was deprecated on September 30, 2022. Starburst does not support nor recommend integration with data platforms that have reached their end of life, as determined by their respective vendors.

In alignment with the lifecycle of these products, Starburst Enterprise intends to deprecate full support for HDP 3.1 and CDH 6.X as of our August 2023 Long-Term Support (LTS) release. Additionally, support for Apache Sentry, which was transferred to the Apache Attic in December 2020, will also be deprecated in the August 2023 LTS release.

Starburst acknowledges that the decision to discontinue legacy Cloudera connectivity may have implications for our customers. In recognition of potential challenges with this transition, we would like to assure customers that we will offer transitional support for a period of twelve months following this deprecation.

This transitional support is designed to assist our customers in migrating to alternative solutions and to address any issues that may arise as a result of the deprecation of CDH 6.X and HDP 3.X connectivity and service integration. Starburst will not support new deployments of Starburst Enterprise using these end-of-life products during this period of transitional support. Please note that the end of this transitional support is scheduled for June 1, 2024.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these necessary changes to our support structure, and are issuing this early communication to allow you ample time to plan and adjust your workflows accordingly.We understand that such changes may cause inconvenience. Should you have any questions or require assistance during this transition period, we encourage you to reach out to your account support team.

We look forward to continuing to serve your data integration needs in this evolving landscape.

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