Starburst Enterprise 426-e STS

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP) 426-e STS has been released as a follow-up
to the 423-e LTS release.

This latest version of SEP is based on Trino 426 and includes new enterprise features and enhancements in addition to everything added to the following recent Trino releases:

Here are some of the feature highlights that we’ve included in this enterprise release:

  • Starburst Warp Speed offers workload acceleration against object storage by adding a smart caching layer on top of your data. Previously, Starburst Warp Speed deployments using Kubernetes required privileged access to attached storage. Starburst Warp Speed now uses filesystem-based storage, removing the privileged access requirement for Kubernetes deployments. Read more in the Starburst Warp Speed documentation.
  • Starburst Enterprise now supports pushdown of select SQL operations to Splunk as a data source. Pushdown support enables Starburst Enterprise to delegate some query processing tasks down to the underlying data source when the query engine deems it is more efficient for resource load and processing time. Read more about pushdown support for Splunk in the Splunk connector documentation.

In addition to these enterprise enhancements, all features added in the latest open-source Trino releases are included as well. Here are some of the highlights from these releases:

  • Improved performance of aggregations over decimal values.
  • Support for TRUNCATE TABLE in Delta Lake connector.
  • Support for Databricks 13.3 LTS.
  • Improved performance of GROUP BY.
  • Support for check constraints in MERGE for Delta Lake connector.
  • Support for the Decimal128 in MongoDB connector.
  • Improved performance for JSON, CSV, text and related formats in Hive.
  • Support for CASCADE in DROP SCHEMA for PostgreSQL and Iceberg.
  • Improved coordinator CPU utilization for large clusters.

For the complete list of features, changes, and fixes in this latest SEP release, read the release notes for 426-e.


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