The new Dell Data Lakehouse powered by Starburst unifies all your data and accelerates AI and analytics

90% faster time to information insight, 53% lower total cost of ownership, and a 100% future-proof architecture

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Last Updated: April 9, 2024

The big data and analytics industry excels in innovating to streamline data access and enhance analytics. Yet, the data landscape continues to grow more complex, with diverse data, legacy warehouses, cloud-native apps, and security challenges across on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. Starburst continues to lead in innovation and technology, meeting ever-evolving customer data and insight needs. One of these needs is fast access to all their increasingly disparate data, especially for AI and analytics. Organizations want to avoid data teams spending time on data discovery, pipeline building, and costly data movement. The goal is to have these critical data functions focus on high-value analytics and insights.

Available today, the Dell Data Lakehouse, featuring a Starburst-powered Data Analytics Engine, enables organizations to unify and optimize the value of their data estate across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud data sources.  

This latest offering from Dell, a fully integrated data platform built on Dell hardware with a full-service software suite, helps modernize an organization’s data platform and operations. By utilizing Starburst’s query engine, data processes are streamlined. ETL is eliminated, granting organizations fast access to all their data without needing to move data to discover, query, and process all of their data for AI and analytics purposes.

Dell Data Lakehouse Architecture, powered by Starburst

Under the hood, the Dell Data Lakehouse has critical components to modernize an organization’s data analytics platform. Compute is based on PowerEdge, which is optimized for data lakehouse workloads. The Data Lakehouse System Software based on Kubernetes makes the entire platform turnkey and simplifies deployment and ongoing operations. The analytics engine, powered by Starburst, allows organizations to query all their data together without the need to move it. Lastly, this Dell solution reduces data movement and enhances AI and analytics workflows by leveraging Object Storage and open table formats like Iceberg. 

“Today’s release marks a milestone in our continued commitment to advancing our data preparation and management innovation to help our customers thrive in their AI initiatives,” said Greg Findlen, SVP of Product Management, AI & Data Solutions at Dell.  “The Dell Data Lakehouse addresses the pressing challenges organizations encounter in data analysis, spanning workloads like BI, Gen AI, AI, ML, and beyond.” By optimizing the process of managing the ever-growing data assets and creating a repeatable model it fosters efficiency and allows for the expansion of data analysis throughout the organization. We envision it as instrumental in propelling businesses forward today and in the future.”

The Dell Data Analytics Engine, powered by Starburst, enables federation, activation, and integration in and around the lake. 

Dell Data Lakehouse benefits

The key benefits of the Dell Data Lakehouse include:

  • 90% faster time to information insight, 53% Lower Total Cost of Ownership, and a 100% Future Proof Architecture. Freedom from the limits of data location by accessing data everywhere – on-premises, hybrid environments, and even multi-cloud architectures.
  • Data sovereignty and security are ensured as data doesn’t need to be duplicated and moved from its source location.
  • Leverage open-table formats like Iceberg and Delta to prevent vendor lock-in and maintain a future-proof architecture.
  • Democratized and decentralized self-service data access puts data into more users’ hands, enabling faster business insights and unleashing innovation.
  • Cloud-like ease of operation and support for this entire open data lakehouse stack via this comprehensive and flexible Dell solution 

“The collaboration between Dell Technologies and Starburst signifies a paradigm shift in the way organizations approach data management and analytics. By combining Starburst’s renowned query engine with Dell’s industry-leading infrastructure solutions, the Dell Data Lakehouse delivers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that enables organizations to extract maximum value from their data assets. 

Because of the unique and deep partnership between Dell and Starburst, this solution enables a tremendous value add for our existing customers. Working with Dell, we are increasing our pace of innovation for on-premise and hybrid customers.” says Justin Borgman, Starburst’s co-founder and CEO. 

The Dell Data Lakehouse, featuring the Dell Data Analytics Engine powered by Starburst, transforms how organizations can approach their data strategy. By embracing a decentralized data architecture, data teams can access and query all their data together, enabling faster data-driven business decisions. Unlock the full potential of your data assets and bring innovation to the forefront of your organization.

Discover the Dell Data Lakehouse featuring Data Analytics Engine, powered by Starburst

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