We’re only days away from the biggest data and analytics event in the UK: Big Data LDN. The Starburst EMEA team is more than ready for it!

Over the course of the two-day event, hosted at Olympia London on 22-23 September, Starburst will make Stand 414 its home for the two days. Expect interactive and live presentations tackling hot topics such as Data Mesh and our incredible Solution Architect team will be offering 1:1 Starburst demos, giving you a chance to see Data Mesh in action. See below for more demo details:

    • Federated SQL queries at scale: Get hands-on with Starburst and see how customers achieve faster time-to-insight across distributed data regardless of where it lives.
  • Starburst Stargate: Learn how Stargate is used to help with cross-cloud and cross-regional analytics while maintaining regulatory requirements
  • Starburst as the Analytics Engine for Data Mesh: We will be showcasing how Starburst is used as the ‘Analytical Engine for Data Mesh’


The team will also be hosting a number of sessions at the event, with our very own CEO, Justin Borgman, and Starburst customer, Richard Jarvis, CTO at EMIS, presenting a joint session on day one, as well as two technical sessions on Data Mesh with Data Mesh Solutions Architect, Andy Mott. So make sure to come to the session armed with all your Data Mesh questions and queries!

Here’s all you need to know and what you can expect from each of Starburst’s Big Data LDN sessions:

Data Mesh 101: What it is and why you need it

On Wednesday 22nd September in the Fast Data Theatre at 12:00 pm, Andy will be giving a 30-minute introduction on Data Mesh and how the modern approach to data management can help accelerate and scale analytics. Andy will be guiding the audience through the principles of Data Mesh as well as exploring what a Data Mesh architecture looks like. Expect to come out of this session with all the ins, outs, and in-betweens of Data Mesh. Can’t wait till then? Visit our Data Mesh Resource Centre to get a head start.

Data Mesh: The significance of domain-driven design

After the introduction to Data Mesh on day one, Andy will return on day two with a more in-depth session on Data Mesh, hosted once again in the Fast Data Theatre at 12:00 pm. This time, Andy will be putting Data Mesh into practice by taking us through the most critical component of Data Mesh, the domain-driven design. If you’re looking for more of a deep-dive into the Data Mesh architecture, this session is for you!

Empowering clinicians and researchers with EMIS-X Analytics: A transformative cloud-based analytics suite

Alongside the deep dives into Data Mesh, our Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO Justin Borgman, will also be hosting a keynote with Starburst customer, Richard Jarvis, CTO at EMIS on Wednesday 22nd September at 11:15 am in the Keynote Theatre.

In this session, Starburst CEO Justin Borgman, and EMIS CTO Richard Jarvis, will be talking about the data challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and how EMIS is able to provide access to millions of NHS records to healthcare providers via its cloud-based clinical platform EMIS-X. Justin and Richard will also be talking about the EMIS-X Analytics platform, underpinned by Starburst Enterprise, and how it helped to accelerate analytics at EMIS in a secure, cost-effective, and scalable manner.

We can’t wait to be a part of the UK’s largest data and analytics event, sharing our expertise and insights and networking with fellow data enthusiasts. Bring it on!

For more information on Starburst sessions and involvement at Big Data LDN, visit the website here.

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