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Last Updated: January 9, 2024

It is that time of year again when we run our virtual Trino community event. It has been nearly a month since we announced our lakehouse summer camp — Trino Fest 2023. And our preparations have been coming along nicely. Starburst and the Trino community continue to be a winning team. A lot of great innovation has happened since our great hybrid event, Trino Summit 2023 in San Francisco in November 2022, so it is time to catch up again.

What to expect

Regular Trino releases with new features and improvements from the community as well as engineers at Starburst continue to arrive weekly. In the keynote Martin Traverso, Trino co-founder and Starburst CTO, will provide details about the recent accomplishments of the project. Manfred Moser and Cole Bowden, Trino developer advocates at Starburst, will guide you through the event. Glancing at the submissions we can already tell that there will be a wide range of interesting topics.

Fitting our lakehouse theme the festival includes a number of presentations about adoption of new table formats to create a lakehouse. Iceberg and Hudi are certain to appear on stage, and are supported by Trino itself, as well as easily managed SaaS offerings like Starburst Galaxy.

From our international user base, that spans many industry sectors, we hear from Stripe about their Trino usage for their lakehouse data platform and their experience with query performance and monitoring.

Beyond the Trino cluster, you can learn about recent development for Trino from the Python community. Some of us saw demos already, and I can tell you one thing. You don’t want to miss out. We also will also get a demo of a Trino use case that requires pretty much zero infrastructure on your end.

Speaker proposal

Do you have other insights about your Trino use case to share? Don’t miss out and submit your speaker proposal.

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Free registration

And if you are not into speaking, no problem. Register for the event and learn from your peers in the community. Join us and make the Trino community stronger together.

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Sponsor opportunities

As steward for many Trino maintainers and contributors, Starburst is proud to act as event host and sponsor again. At the same time we realize that the community is so much larger and we want others to help out with their support as well.

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