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Starburst Acquires Varada To Deliver Faster (and Cheaper) Data Lake Analytics

By: Justin Borgman
June 23, 2022
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I’m excited to announce the acquisition of Varada, a data analytics accelerator, based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Varada offers a data lake analytics solution that autonomously accelerates query workloads without the need to move or model your data. While our award-winning query engine leads the industry in both performance gains and cost savings, this acquisition will further cement our leadership position and set a new benchmark in data lake analytics.

The combined solution is expected to speed query performance by up to 7x on average and reduce cloud compute costs by up to 40% on AWS. 

Varada’s proprietary, patented indexing technology – that speeds query performance by breaking data into blocks and then automatically choosing the most effective index for each block based on the data content and structure – is a great addition to our tech stack. This allows our customers to speed their query performance with smart indexing while enabling them to adapt to business requirements and reduce operational costs.

I briefly chatted about this acquisition with our CMO, Jess Iandiorio, and our conversation is captured below: 


The integration is expected to roll out to select customers in the next thirty days, with full availability to Starburst customers by Fall of 2022. This ambitious timeline is made possible by the fact that both Starburst and Varada have open-source Trino at their core. Learn more about the Varada story and why this marriage was meant to be, from the co-founders themselves in their own blog post here.

2022 has been an exciting year for Starburst and we are only half way through! You can expect to see more announcements later this year as we continue to innovate around data lake and data mesh use cases. If you would like to join us on this exhilarating journey, please apply here.

Starburst is also announcing the Starburst Analytics At Warp Speed Tour where companies can learn more and see Varada first-hand. The tour kicks off with a virtual event on June 29 with Analytics on the big stuff: Starburst gives Tableau “Any Size, Anywhere Powers,” followed by AWS Summit NY on July 12 where attendees can learn more at the Starburst booth. The tour wraps up at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit where attendees can see live demos on August 22–25. Check out more of the tour dates and locations here.


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Justin Borgman

Co-Founder & CEO, Starburst

Justin Borgman is a subject matter expert on all things big data & analytics. Prior to founding Starburst, he was Vice President & GM at Teradata (NYSE: TDC), where he was responsible for the company’s portfolio of Hadoop products. Justin joined Teradata in 2014 via the acquisition of his company Hadapt where he was co-founder and CEO. Hadapt created “SQL on Hadoop” turning Hadoop from a file system to an analytic database accessible by any BI tool. He founded Starburst in 2017, seeking to give analysts the freedom to analyze diverse data sets wherever their location, without compromising on performance. Recently, Justin was named one of the most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2022 by Goldman Sachs and received the 2022 BIG Awards for Business Entrepreneur Award.

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