Introducing a new user experience in Starburst Galaxy

Powering seamless user journeys with updated information architecture, enhanced navigation, and more.

Published: April 9, 2024

At Starburst, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class experiences across product, support, and every interaction.

Over the last year, our UX team has worked diligently to maintain our identity as a clean, easy-to-use platform, while continuously seeking opportunities to enhance the user experience. After extensive research and ongoing conversations with our customers, we are thrilled to unveil a revamped user experience in Starburst Galaxy.

From enhanced navigation and modals designed to keep you seamlessly within your workflow, to a refined color palette and typography ensuring a visually engaging experience, our latest updates represent a comprehensive effort to streamline your journey within Starburst Galaxy. 

Let’s take a closer look at all the recent updates.

Light, airy changes

While our users are fans of our clean and visually friendly UI, this aesthetic requires maintenance. In order to continue to delight our users, we have increased the margins and padding around elements to allow the data heavy content space to breathe and eyes to rest while scanning. We shifted our color palette to match updates to our main branding and lightened menus, icons, and added brightness everywhere we could.

Intuitive modals and navigation

We are progressively simplifying user journeys by keeping users within their workflow using modals where appropriate. New half/full screen takeover screens give us the opportunity to move users through certain journeys as an aside, but still enable them to drop back into their previous flow. Usability testing has shown that this, alongside the new IA (see below), leads to a much tighter focus on the users’ job to be done, and elevated product satisfaction.

Updated menus and information architecture (IA)

Data teams expect lean and consistent menus that enable easy navigation and discovery. In the summer of 2023, one of our talented interns took on research to re-classify our entire IA. Their project ranged from a card sort with qualified users, a proposal presentation with a large group of stakeholders, to an eventual overhaul of the main menus in Galaxy. This new taxonomy structure has now been introduced with the redesign which our users use today, ensuring quick access to the tools and content they need.

Friendlier font style

To address this, we first replaced Montserrat, the existing typeface, with Outfit, a friendlier, more stylistic typeface. Montserrat has a wide character width and impractical letter spacing for long line lengths. This required more space on the page and sometimes led to a cluttered UI. To reduce this discomfort, we chose a narrower, friendlier typeface called Outfit. With Outfit, we can maintain the airy, friendly design aesthetic while supporting Galaxy’s content-heavy UI.

Enhanced visual clarity

Along with updating spacing, fonts, and colors, we started updating data heavy tables where possible to cards for improved visual interest, ease of use, and discovery. A streamlined presentation of information allows the users’ to more easily scan and digest information, and reduces visual fatigue.

We are not done

To quote Albert Einstein, “A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”. This highlights our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. There is always more to learn as we evolve and refine our platform experience to continue to delight our users.

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