What’s New in Starburst Galaxy – April 2024

Introducing a fully-managed Icehouse implementation, along with several data observability enhancements, and a revamped user experience in Starburst Galaxy

Last Updated: May 7, 2024

Today at Data Universe 2024, we unveiled our productized manifesto and announced a new Icehouse implementation within Starburst Galaxy which brings together enhanced Trino and managed Iceberg in a fully managed solution. Now customers can take advantage of the openness, scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of an integrated Trino and Iceberg architecture without the complexities and costs that come with building a custom solution. 

We recognize that powering an open lakehouse extends far beyond optimized ingestion and Iceberg data management. Coupled with this announcement are significant expansions to Gravity, Galaxy’s governance layer, alongside a revamped Galaxy UX. These enhancements provide users with comprehensive control and greater insight into their data ecosystem, while streamlining the end-to-end lakehouse management journey in Galaxy.

Launching a fully-managed Icehouse implementation in Starburst Galaxy

The Icehouse architecture serves as the foundation of our open lakehouse platform, enabling optimal price-performance for both cloud and hybrid workloads with the combined power of Trino + Iceberg. Seamlessly connect to Kafka-compliant streams and write data directly into your cloud data lake in a Starburst managed Iceberg table. By eliminating the need for manual staging work, Icehouse streamlines data ingestion and transformation processes and empowers users to harness near real-time data insights effortlessly.

Our approach enables users to adopt and integrate Iceberg into their lakehouse environments with ease. From data collection to storage, SQL-driven transformations, robust governance with built-in access controls, and our industry-leading query engine powered by enhanced Trino, our managed Icehouse simplifies lakehouse management across all corners of the data lifecycle.
As our Icehouse implementation continues to evolve, its vision remains clear: to simplify lakehouse operations, prevent vendor lock-in, and provide unparalleled value to data teams everywhere.

Learn how it works and sign up for the private preview in the supporting blog.

Expanded data observability


Column lineage

Galaxy introduces extended lineage with column-level mapping, offering users a comprehensive view of data flow pipelines and assets. Dive deeper into data provenance with detailed insights into how data flows end-to-end within Galaxy, enhancing impact assessment and troubleshooting capabilities.

SQL-based data quality checks

Flexibility meets precision with new data quality rules, allowing users to author rules beyond table stats using SQL statements. Service Level Objectives (SLO) empower data teams to collaborate with consumers, ensuring critical data quality elements are met without guesswork.

Schema change notifications & history

Stay ahead of schema changes with new monitoring and visibility features, addressing a common pain point cited by customers. Subscribe to data entities for change notifications and daily schema snapshots, enabling proactive response to schema drift and data inaccuracies.

Dive deeper into the new data observability capabilities in the supporting blog.

Revamped user experience 

Our rapid growth necessitates scalable and simple solutions to accommodate increasing user activity on Galaxy. Over the past year, our UX team has diligently worked to maintain a clean, easy-to-use product while enhancing user journeys and improving user productivity.

Our latest updates include enhancements such as refined navigation, friendlier fonts, and streamlined data presentation to ensure a visually engaging and intuitive experience. We’ve introduced intuitive modals and navigation features to simplify user journeys, alongside updated menus and IA to improve user efficiency. 

Read more about our UX enhancements in the supporting blog.

Your open lakehouse awaits

Starburst is continuously raising the bar, as shown by the widespread adoption of our Galaxy platform, meeting the demands for an open data lakehouse architecture.

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