Introducing data product usage examples in Starburst

Now package SQL code samples with data products for streamlined data consumption by all users

Published: June 18, 2024

The most meticulously planned and created data products are only valuable to your organization if the data is consumed.  Without consumption, your data product becomes yet another dataset that your consumers need to sift through to answer their questions.

While business descriptions and scope provide valuable information on when to use a data product, oftentimes consumers are also looking for a starting point on how to consume the data.  Without a starting point, your users end up wasting valuable time trying to understand the data product and you risk misuse of data.

Sample code is an important starting point for users in becoming familiar with the data.  Not only does it provide a functional starting point to retrieve results, often times quick edits of the sample can be all that are needed for a consumer’s needs.  Why author boilerplate code if a few tweaks suffice?

In Starburst Galaxy, we’ve introduced a dedicated section for data owners to provide SQL code samples to their data product users.  Not only can consumers review the samples, they can also quickly open the query editor and run the statement to view and understand the code output.  For organizations that have Galaxy’s generative AI features turned on, users can also have the sample code explained to them from the query editor and ask technical and business context questions to better understand the code and data.

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