What’s New in Starburst Galaxy – May 2024

Introducing support for Snowflake Iceberg Catalogs, enhanced autoscaling, active query monitoring, and more.

Published: May 14, 2024

Just last month we launched a fully-managed Icehouse implementation in Starburst Galaxy. If you haven’t seen it already, our Icehouse Developer Resource Center is packed with free tutorials, guides, and documentation to learn more on how the Icehouse architecture works and why it’s gaining traction among customers.

We have a suite of new features coming to Galaxy this month, let’s dive in. 

New support for Snowflake Iceberg Catalogs

Customers can now leverage the Snowflake catalog metastore in Starburst Galaxy. This enables users to access Snowflake-managed Iceberg tables in Galaxy, providing a cost-effective compute layer and the ability to federate across additional data. Learn more.

Active Queries

Previously, users would have to leverage the Trino UI to dig into active queries. With the new Active Queries interface in Query Insights, users can now monitor active queries across execution stages. Easily investigate query status, proactively identify issues for failed or incomplete queries, and access all the query insights you need directly within Galaxy.

“It’s great because we only use the Trino UI today for active queries. Now, with all the information in Starburst Galaxy, we no longer need to switch over to the Trino UI. It’s a better experience.” – Johni Michaels, at Kovi. 

Autoscaler enhancements 

Several enhancements have been made to the Galaxy autoscaler, now in private preview. The autoscaler now considers CPU usage, estimated runtime, and additional metrics across active, completed, and queued queries for smarter resource allocation. Learn more.

Dynamic Catalogs

Previously, updating a catalog required users to restart the associated cluster. With dynamic catalogs, that’s a thing of the past! Easily add, update, or remove catalogs without interrupting workflows.

Automated Materialized View Refresh 

Today, any materialized view created in Galaxy automatically adopts the Iceberg table format, streamlining the adoption of Iceberg benefits for users. As of today, you can now schedule materialized view refreshes using SQL syntax. Once configured, effortlessly manage refresh tasks in the Jobs tab under ‘Materialized View Refresh Jobs.’ Learn more.

Delta Lake Time Travel

Support for Delta Lake Time Travel is now generally available, enabling users to track changes made to a table and reference previous table states or reinstate previous versions of Delta Lake tables. Learn more.

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