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Last Updated: December 7, 2023

In the early days of the data and analytics space, comprehensive data catalogs were hard to come by.  Trying to understand the data that was available to you, which data you should be using, and how best to use that data was a full time job in and unto itself.  This quest for information usually entailed sifting through pages of technical documentation and/or doing some light sleuthing to find someone who knew something about the data.  Fortunately, for all of us, the right enterprise data catalog can be a game changer for any organization by providing a central place where all data stakeholders can discover the trusted data they need–across all data sources–in an efficient manner.

Once a user has found the right data, they need to be able to gain access to that data in order to use it. While an enterprise data catalog can help facilitate that process, they are not intended to be a query engine for your data. To get your users to the data they need as efficiently as possible, you need to pair your data catalog with a platform that simplifies data access without limiting what data can be accessed while also adhering to any governance policies that are in place.  This is why we’re especially excited to announce the partnership between Starburst and Collibra

Since 2008, Collibra has been uniting organizations by delivering trusted data for every use, for every user and across every source. Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud (DIC) brings a best-in-class catalog, flexible governance, automated lineage, continuous quality and observability, and built-in privacy to all types of data. Large enterprises rely on Collibra to create the critical alignment across data stakeholders, accelerating workflows and delivering better results faster.

Combining a feature-rich, enterprise grade data catalog like Collibra with broad connectivity, hardened security, and comprehensive metadata provided by Starburst enables organizations to provide their users with a detailed map of their data.  This map tells them everything they need to know for their data journey and shows them the optimal way to get to their destination.  Starburst makes it easier to catalog metadata from all of your data sources in Collibra, but that’s just the beginning.  Let’s explore what else this powerhouse combination can do for you.

More metadata faster means more time for strategic insights

Metadata is at the core of any data strategy. It is key to keeping data organized and discoverable. It provides context related to data’s quality and business value. It also aids in safeguarding sensitive data and complying with privacy regulations. Starburst’s ability to aggregate metadata across your disparate systems and send to Collibra with a single connection combined with Collibra’s intuitive cataloging and search capabilities accelerates access to metadata. This approach enables organizations to break down data silos faster, streamline data discovery across their data landscape, and enhance the way users access their data. Business analysts and data scientists can say goodbye to lengthy data searches and quality assessments and gain faster access to trusted data. Instead, they can channel their efforts into fostering innovation, identifying growth opportunities and enhancing customer experiences, all of which drive positive business results.

Effortlessly enhance your marketplace with trusted data products

At a high level, the two main components of a data product are the physical definition(s) of the data sets and the enriched metadata that provides valuable context about those data sets. Oftentimes, these components are managed in separate locations and are kept in sync manually.  This process is highly prone to errors, needs constant attention and requires extra resources, which delays analytical workflows and increases the risk of acting on outdated or incorrect information.  If the data products need to combine data from multiple sources or the location where you maintain the metadata for them is disconnected from your marketplace, then the impact of the aforementioned challenges to your business increases substantially.

With Starburst and Collibra, curated and trusted data products are delivered to your data marketplace with minimal effort.  Starburst accelerates the creation of data products with the ability to combine data from multiple sources into a single product and an intuitive workflow for capturing rich metadata about the data product.  The Starburst data products can then be automatically cataloged in Collibra, making them instantly available in your marketplace—making it easier for all data citizens to discover, understand, and access high-quality data products that provide holistic insights—all without the manual overhead that could otherwise slow your business down.

Reduce complexity with streamlined governance automation

The partnership between Collibra and Starburst significantly reduces complexity, including time-consuming manual tasks associated with data governance and access. By integrating their respective strengths, they provide a solution that simplifies operations while enhancing compliance and security.

Collibra’s robust data governance capabilities automate many of the processes traditionally handled manually. It provides a centralized platform for defining and enforcing governance policies uniformly across all data sources within an organization. This consistency helps ensure regulatory compliance is met, mitigating risks associated with non-compliance.

Starburst complements this by providing secure and efficient access to all of your data. Its ability to quickly connect to and query multiple data sources without the need for data movement means that valuable information can be accessed faster than ever before, facilitating timely decision-making. Moreover, it ensures secure and compliant use of this data in line with the policies set out in Collibra.

This reduction in complexity leads to operational simplicity which has several benefits: it frees up resources previously tied up in managing administrative tasks to focus more on strategic initiatives; it improves security posture as there are fewer complexities where errors could occur; and finally, it enhances overall compliance due to consistent application of policies across all datasets.

Starburst + Collibra are better together

Combining a highly performant and flexible data platform like Starburst with a robust and feature-rich enterprise data catalog like Collibra gives you everything you need to produce a supercharged data marketplace, enabling faster delivery of actionable insights to the business.  You’ll be able to efficiently catalog all of the data assets in your ecosystem, delivering highly trusted, curated assets to all of your data citizens at the speed of your business.  By making these invaluable assets easier to find, understand, and access, you will increase data literacy across your organization and activate even more data citizens.

But wait, there’s more…

Collibra and Starburst are working closely together to take the partnership (and your enterprise data catalog) to the next level.  We are planning to extend support for data products by adding the ability to create and manage them through Collibra DIC. This will provide users the flexibility to maintain data products in the environment with which they are most comfortable.  Additionally, there are plans to provide advanced governance capabilities through a native integration between Starburst and Collibra Protect, which will centralize access controls for all of your data sources and provide an audit trail for any access requests.  In tandem with these efforts, we are also working on adding support for Starburst in Collibra Data Quality & Observability so data citizens can gain deeper  understanding and trust of the data they are working with. 

There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon for this partnership.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated as these advancements become available to the public.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more we have a variety of resources available.

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