Datanova 2023: gaze into the crystal ball as it reveals the future of data

Last Updated: June 24, 2024

I’m a steadfast believer that this world operates with a little bit of magic. The data world is no different, whether it be the manipulation that takes place to find the needle of insight out of the haystack of data, or the ability to successfully predict which data architecture will stand the test of time.

It’s with great anticipation that we will cast ourselves into the future, alongside data and analytics professionals at Datanova, to  take a spirited look into what the forthcoming data environment holds for us all. 

Surely, we will see a world where data has penetrated throughout data-driven organizations. However, far from declaring victory, there are plenty of challenges to becoming data-driven. Rather than technological challenges, there are cultural, people, and processes that need some executive wizardry and attention. 

Join our data experts at Datanova who will answer our questions about the state of data in the future and discuss the expected wins, hurdles, and new dynamics in the data world. You’ll find the full agenda here, but a sample of Datanova sessions includes: 

  • Data Mesh 2033: What happened?–Panel discussion between Bryan Aller, Director of Software Development & Engineering at Comcast; Dileep Pournami, Head of Data Engineering Technology, NatWest Group; and Sachin Menon, Senior Director of Data & Marketing Technology, Priceline. While each panel member company has begun their data mesh journeys, the discussion will focus on their “Why” for data mesh, “Where” they are today, and “What” the next 10 years might look like.
  • The future of data: A BCG study— Pranay Ahlawat, Partner and Associate Director, Enterprise Software & Cloud at Boston Consulting Group will present their landmark research study on how companies can derive the most value from an organization’s single most important asset: Data. Pranay will be joined by Steven Huels, Senior Director, AI Product Management and Strategy at Red Hat, and Adrian Estala, Field Chief Data Officer at Starburst.
  • Data Disrupted–A fireside chat with Justin Borgman; Martin Casado, software engineer and partner at Andreessen Horowitz; Zhamak Dehghani, Data Mesh founder and Director of Next Tech Incubation at Thoughtworks; and Teresa Tung, Cloud First Chief Technologist at Accenture. The group will discuss how to build a modern data strategy, evolve data teams and skills, as well as the hard and soft side of data: people and technology.

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