Calling all data pros! Are you ready for a $20k payday? Yes, you heard it right – you could be walking away with $20,000 in cash. The winner of Mission 1 just won a Luxury Galactic Disney® Experience, valued at $35,000.

At Starburst, we value and acknowledge the technical skills required to be a data professional. This year, we launched the newest and coolest sweepstakes competition, built by data pros for data pros. Space Quest League is a year-long competition with four individual sweepstakes, or Missions, meaning four different opportunities to win amazing prizes.

You only need to enter once to win, but along the way, you’ll have access to a number of challenges or quests that test your data skills. The more challenges you participate in, the more stars (tokens) you’ll earn, thus increasing your chances of winning. An example of a challenge is: “What is the output of the following SQL query?”

Space Quest League (SQL) is a unique and fun way for data pros to compete in challenges and put these skills to the test. While “Space Quest League” is named after the intergalactic journey you’ll take with us throughout the year, there’s also a sneaky reference to our product. We’re the fastest SQL-based MPP query engine built on open source Trino in the market.

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Star Wars Day 2022

Star Wars Day (May 4, 2022) is one of Starburst’s favorite days, and it happens to take place during Mission 2! This year, we have big plans for Star Wars Day. Four Star Wars challenges will be dropped on May the Fourth with a unique opportunity to win one of our limited edition Star Wars Day t-shirts! Plus, you’ll gain stars for competing in these challenges and even more stars for further engaging on social media. We promise you don’t want to miss this fun day because on July 1, 2022, one lucky person will walk away with $20,000 in cash.

Get ready to start your SQL journey in three, two, one…

Mission prizes: 

  • Mission 1: On April 1, we announced the winner of the first Mission, who was awarded the Luxury Galactic Disney® Experience, valued at $35,000. This prize offers the trip of a lifetime for four people to experience Disney’s® newest Luxury hotel, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Congrats to Roger W. from Tyson Foods on winning!
  • Mission 2: The second Mission is happening NOW! The prize? $20,000 in cash. Enter now to access the quests that will test your data skills. The winner will be announced on July 1, 2022, so enter now!
  • Mission 3 and 4 will be announced soon, so stay tuned.

Space Quest League: An opportunity to give back 

By participating in SQL, you’re not only entering for a chance to win great prizes but also playing for a cause. The League includes a charitable component where Starburst gives back. During the first Mission, Starburst donated $5,000 to a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees. For the remainder of the Missions, we will donate $1 per valid contestant (up to $95,000) to a charity that will be determined over the course of the year.

How to enter and participate

Entering is simple, visit our website to get started! Here, you’ll find the sweepstakes details, rules, and entry form for each Mission. Don’t forget, you only need to enter each Mission once, but keep an eye out for additional challenges to rack up more stars and increase your chances of winning the ultimate prize!

Enter now for a chance to win.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the leaderboard!

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