Starburst brings enterprise-grade SQL analytics to Google Distributed Cloud’s air-gapped solution for regulated customers

Published: April 9, 2024

Some data environments contain trade secrets and IP for regulated industries or sensitive and classified data for public sector organizations that must remain isolated from the rest of the world. However, the need to securely analyze data with speed, scale, and accuracy doesn’t go away. Today at Google Cloud Next ’24, we are excited to share Starburst Data, the open data lakehouse company and creators of OS Trino is now one of the first big data lakehouse MPP SQL query engine that is Google Cloud Ready – Distributed Cloud certified and available for all organizations requiring fully managed private clouds through Google Distributed Cloud.

Starburst Enterprise Platform (SEP) and Google Distributed Cloud enable public sector organizations and regulated enterprises to address strict data residency and security requirements while delivering innovation through very powerful and secure SQL analytics. As a fully isolated solution deployed within Google Distributed Cloud, organizations can benefit from enterprise-grade Trino, built-in security and governance controls, and access to data in and around your private Google Distributed Cloud data lake.

Because our Starburst Enterprise Platform is a self-managed software that can be deployed anywhere, and Google Distributed Cloud’s air-gapped solution does not require connectivity to Google Cloud or the public internet to manage the infrastructure, services, APIs, or tooling, and is built to remain disconnected in perpetuity, the pairing of the two brings advanced modern analytics to some of the most isolated and secure environments in the world. Google Distributed Cloud’s solution is designed to support strict requirements in alignment with NIST SP 800-53-FedRAMP high-security controls.

Today’s announcement builds on our commitment to enable customers with advanced analytics across on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, and now air-gapped private cloud environments with Google Cloud.

Why Starburst on Google Distributed Cloud Matters

Here’s what Starburst on Google Distributed Cloud brings to the table:

    • Enterprise-grade Trino: Customers can now benefit from enterprise-grade Trino, which has powerful enhancements to significantly improve SQL performance, scalability, security, and governance.
    • Faster Time to Insights: an enhanced OS Trino distributed MPP SQL engine delivers lightning-fast query performance at high concurrency across PBs of data. 
    • Security at the Forefront: Starburst prioritizes security and governance with built-in features like role-based access control and data masking, ensuring your sensitive data remains protected.
  • Secure Single Point of Access: Starburst becomes your secure central nervous system for data access, enabling you to leverage a single access point to discover and analyze data across your Google Distributed Cloud environment.  
  • Reduced Costs: Starburst leverages Google Kubernetes Engine for dynamic autoscaling, optimizing resource utilization, and keeping costs predictable and in check.         

Your secure private cloud for data and analytics with Starburst in Google Distributed Cloud 

Starburst’s strategic partnership with Google Cloud goes beyond offering Starburst as a service, it provides even deeper integration and enhanced capabilities that bring scalable, performant, and efficient SQL analytics to isolated, air-gapped, private cloud environments.

Here’s how it all comes to life:

  • Starburst deploys to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) inside Google Distributed Cloud. 
  • Starburst leverages GCS to provide Data Lakehouse and Data Warehouse capabilities.
  • You can use your existing Dataproc Metastore service as a Hive MetaStore (HMS) with Starburst or connect to and federate across additional data services provided by Google Distributed Cloud (e.g., Database Service for GDC, MongoDB, and Elastic).
  • The Starburst platform becomes a single endpoint for serving up to preferred Data Analytics and BI tools like Looker, Data Engineering, or Data Science tools like Vertex AI platform.
  • Additional third-party workloads can also use the open data lakehouse, which Starburst manages.

Starburst with Google Distributed Cloud: A Win for Security First, Data-Driven Organizations

By bringing Starburst’s analytic muscle to Google Distributed Cloud, data-centric organizations needing the security of air-gapped private cloud environments now benefit from a powerful analytics platform to unlock the true potential of their data. With faster time to insights, reduced costs, and a unified view of all their information, organizations can make data-driven decisions with greater confidence and agility.

To get started, install Starburst Enterprise from your Google Distributed Cloud  air-gapped marketplace. Not a Starburst customer? Contact us to learn how to build and scale your private data and analytics cloud platform to the next level with the Starburst open data lakehouse. 

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