Starburst Enterprise Support Updates: Java 21

Last Updated: June 12, 2024

This notice serves to communicate Starburst Enterprise platform (SEP)’s transition to Java 21 in 2024.


  • Trino will run exclusively on Java 21 as of release 436.
  • Starburst Enterprise Platform will support both Java 17 and Java 21 through the upcoming February 2024 LTS.
  • Java 21 will be a mandatory requirement for SEP as of the May 2024 LTS release.

Trino: Leveraging the latest in Java technology

Trino upgraded to Java 21 over the last year. With Trino version 432 the container images were switched to use Java 21. This allows users to leverage improvements in the JVM runtime, garbage collectors, libraries, and dependencies, which historically have resulted in performance gains with minimal code changes and provides valuable production usage data.

As the new Java long-term support version, Java 21 offers extensive enhancements in runtime, standard libraries, and tools, which provide opportunities for performance and code optimization in Trino, particularly through Project Hummingbird.

This upgrade aligns with Trino’s strategy of adopting new Java LTS versions to improve the codebase and performance, as seen in previous upgrades to Java 11 and Java 17.

As the fully supported, production-ready, and enterprise-grade distribution of open-source Trino, SEP will follow Trino’s lead and immediately support Java 21.

Starburst Enterprise Platform’s full transition to Java 21

We recognize the critical role that Java plays in your systems and workflows. In our upcoming February 2024 LTS release, we are committed to supporting both earlier Java 17 and modern Java 21 for those deploying via Starburst Admin, RPM, and Tarball.

This dual-support approach is designed to provide you with the flexibility to transition to Java 21 at your own pace, ensuring continuity and stability in your operations. Our engineering team has already conducted thorough testing and validation to ensure robust support for both Java versions.

SEP will immediately transition to Java 21 on the following deployment mechanisms:

  • CFT/AMI.=
  • Kubernetes (EKS, AKS, GKE). Docker Images will run Java 21.

SEP will leverage either Java 17 or Java 21 for RPM, Tarball, and Starburst Admin installs until the May/June LTS release. Whichever Java version is referenced first in the PATH variable of your OS will be the default. We encourage you to to test Java 21 with Starburst Admin, RPM, or Tarball  at your earliest convenience.

Beginning with the May/June LTS release of Starburst Enterprise Platform and moving forward, only Java 21 will be supported. We recommend Eclipse Temurin OpenJDK distribution from Adoptium

Please reach out to your Technical Account Manager if you have any questions and concerns.

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