Last November, Trino Summit in San Francisco was a huge success for the community of users, contributors, and partners in the larger Trino ecosystem. We concluded the year 2022 with many new features, new users, new integrations, and new release. The Starburst team is proud to be a integral part of the community, and we took up the banner again this year. We just could not wait until the later half of the year, and so we are bringing you Trino Fest 2023.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week our free, virtual event features presentations and insights from a wide range of Trino user. Our main theme is focused on the data lakehouse.

From the start, over 10 years ago, Trino has been designed for data lakes with Hive and Hadoop. It has been as leader in the analytics space in terms of performance and moved beyond many other supported data sources. With the modern Hive replacements of Iceberg, Delta Lake, and Hudi we are leading the charge again — as you can see from numerous talks throughout the two days.

Another theme is the continued expansion of use cases for Trino. Every new or significantly improved connector allows another community to enjoy the benefits of Trino with their chosen database. With Trino you get access to many data sources, federated queries across them all, one SQL dialect, many supported client tools, and all that with fast analytics.

Trino Fest features some great new additions to our community. Our mascot Commander Bun Bun thinks that the fest is going to be ludicrously awesome. Specifically, thanks go to Starburst as event host, AWS, and Alluxio as sponsors, and great speakers and presentations from companies such as Bloomberg, ForePaaS, Salesforce, Tabular, Redis, Stripe, Onehouse, and many others. And of course, remember that Trino is your ludicrously fast SQL query engine of choice.

So don’t miss out and register for Trino Fest now:

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Manfred and Cole look forward to guiding you through the event.

See you then,
Your Starburst dev rel crew

Still curious? Check out the recap and all presentations from last year’s Trino Summit and read more about all the achievements of the Trino community in 2022.

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