Hiring for (Customer) Success: Come Build your Career with Starburst

Last Updated: January 9, 2024

At Starburst, we’re growing at a fast and furious pace. Earlier this year, we announced $250M is Series D at a $3.35B valuation. Last month, we announced the acquisition of Varada, a data analytics accelerator, to set a new benchmark in data lake analytics. We’re on a mission of freeing our customers to see the invisible and achieve the impossible.

We want to create a culture of success with our customers, product, and our employees. We’re building an organization where team members can succeed and grow to their highest potential. On the customer success side of the house, we are currently hiring for customer support engineers, customer support managers, customer success managers, technical account managers, and professional services consultants, all over the world. As the leader of the customer success organization, I’d like to invite you to join our mission. In this video, I discuss what it means to be a Starburst workhorse and why you should join.



Building from a foundation of strong values.

My vision for the customer success organization at Starburst is to build a diverse, collaborative, and high performing customer-centric team — the goal of which is to create the most frictionless and repeatable experience possible for our customers as they journey towards realizing their business goals using Starburst. I want everyone who joins Starburst to find it a career defining experience full of life-long friendships, incredible results, and great memories.

Starburst is in a hyper-growth phase, which means it’s a great opportunity for those who want to join a fast-paced, innovative, and best-in-class technology company. With such growth, it might be very easy to lose sight of company values — something so critical during this phase.. Shared values are imperative to our success. So, we make sure that in order to build a sustainable and healthy company, everyone we hire aligns with our values of authenticity, humility, ownership, inclusive meritocracy, and grit (and those who think Starburst is as cool as we do). With a product as incredible as Starburst, it is fun to come to work every day and work with a diverse community of All-Stars who rally around a common foundation of values.

A culture of learning and growth.

Our product team is constantly innovating. Because of this, I tell our new hires that you’ll have to be capable of adapting to these constant changes. It’s not a one way street though — we want our people to be expanding their skills and capabilities too. From our executive team down to our entry level contributors, we foster a culture of learning and growth. By joining our All-Star team, you are joining an organization that is vested in both your personal and professional growth. I’ve witnessed Starburst grow from a team member count in the low 50s to close to 500 today. In the next 2+ years we’ll scale well beyond 1400 globally distributed team members. And with that comes the opportunity to push yourself further than you’ve imagined. If you have grand career aspirations, want to learn as much as you can, and expand your knowledge, there’s no better opportunity than to do so with our fast growing company.

In addition to creating a great culture while in hyper growth mode, I’m also a believer in finding the right balance, whether that is being remote-first, reminding people to take time to learn, or encouraging them to take the breaks they need to reboot themselves and be at their creative best. We offer our team members a remote-first work environment, which means that they can work from wherever they are most comfortable and productive. We also offer unlimited PTO and a generous parental leave policy. This ensures that our team members can be their whole self (friends, parents, siblings, spouses, etc.) outside of their jobs.

What makes the Customer Success team special?

What is so special about the customer success organization here at Starburst is the opportunity we have to make an incredible difference, to learn, and to build our careers alongside a globally distributed group of incredible people. We are growing so fast that there is constant opportunity to step into new roles. There’s constant opportunity to learn new things. As a four-year-old company, our Net Promoter and CSAT metrics, to name but a couple of key KPIs, are simply outstanding. Our NPS is constantly in the mid-70s on average — world class. Our CSAT hit 99% last quarter. Our gross retention hovers above 97% and our Net Dollar Retention is at a ridiculous all time high of 195%. These are crazy numbers. Our challenge is to keep it up! We’re doing great things and building an exciting, humble, driven and very customer-centric team, and yet we’ve a lot more to do — and we want to add more great people to join us in our mission to an incredible legacy.

The culture on the customer success team is extremely collaborative. Despite there being several sub-teams (Support, TAM, Professional Services, etc), we all work together as a unit in order to provide the best possible end-to-end customer experience. We are looking to fill our team with people who jump out of bed each day excited to learn, put those learnings into action, and collaborate as a team. Our team has a “build together” mindset that allows the company and team members to scale up, together. We also want our new hires to want to grow their own careers. We are committed to finding long-lasting employees who want to expand their responsibilities and grow in their roles. Feedback being critical to self-development — we are a feedback culture. We’re committed to providing transparent feedback and coaching for all who welcome it.

A hyperfocus on customers.

I mentioned some of our incredible stats. We would not have such stats without a hyperfocus on creating the most frictionless as possible experience for our customers. We are passionate about our customers and have some of the biggest names in the industry, including Comcast, FINRA, Sky, GrubHub, and Verizon.

We are at such an exciting time in this company’s journey. If you’re smart and driven with a passion (and obsession) for serving customers, we’re looking for you, wherever you are. Join us on our mission and help us build an incredible company of the future. Click here to check out all of our open roles.

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