What’s New in Starburst Galaxy – June 2024

Introducing Icehouse 101, a new data quality dashboard, and data product usage examples.

Published: June 18, 2024

Summer is approaching, and we’re heating up with new features and workshops, with more on the horizon! Let’s dive into the latest enhancements in Starburst Galaxy.

Icehouse 101 Workshop

Using Trino + Iceberg? New to one, the other, or both? Register for our new Icehouse 101 Workshop to learn about building an Icehouse architecture, the best use cases, and tips for getting started with Trino and Apache Iceberg.

Join Senior Developer Advocate Monica Miller as she guides you through:

  • Creating Iceberg tables from your Parquet files
  • Cleaning, transforming, and optimizing data in your Icehouse
  • Packaging your refined Iceberg tables into valuable data products
  • Setting up data optimization jobs, such as compaction and retention

Register here

Data Quality Dashboard

Today, we’re launching a new data quality dashboard, offering a comprehensive view of your data quality rules, trends over 30 days, and tools for troubleshooting. Today, the dashboard shows the pass/fail status of checks, with future updates planned for more detailed classifications and visualizations. 

Learn more.

Data Product Usage Examples

In Starburst Galaxy, we’ve added a new feature that allows data owners to provide SQL code samples for their data products. This helps users quickly understand and utilize data without starting from scratch. Quickly run these samples directly in the query editor and, with the generative AI features, receive explanations and context for better comprehension.

Learn more.

Now GA

  • Active Queries: Monitor active queries across execution stages within Galaxy, investigate query status, and proactively identify issues without needing the Trino UI. 
  • Dynamic Catalogs: Add, update, or remove catalogs dynamically without needing to restart the associated cluster, ensuring uninterrupted workflows. Read more.

Get Started

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