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Zalando leverages Starburst for security, enterprise support, and superior performance to extract more value from its growing AWS data lake.

Making smart, analytics-based business decisions in the European e-commerce space

Zalando SE is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle. Making smart, analytics-based business decisions is more important than ever for them in this uncertain global economy. When Zalando decided to transition from legacy data warehouses to an AWS cloud data lake, the company needed to give its buyers and business analysts a more efficient way to extract value from this distributed data.

How Starburst Enterprise Benefits Zalando

50% Savings via Autoscaling

Starburst allowed Zalando to scale their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) resources up to many machines during peak usage, and scale down at other times to save on costs, giving them unprecedented flexibility.

Self-Service BI

The business intelligence and analytics teams can join and access data they couldn’t query in the past without costly and time-consuming ETL.

Security & GDPR

Due to GDPR, Zalando needed Starburst’s fine-grained security and role-based access control features, which comes with Kerberos and LDAP integration, data masking, and encryption.

The decision to deploy Starburst Enterprise was made simpler because it has proven to be a reliable, fast, and stable query engine for S3 data lakes.

Alberto Miorin,
Engineering Lead, Zalando

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