Starburst Enterprise


Our Starburst Enterprise platform is based on Trino (formerly PrestoSQL) and includes everything you need to install and run it on a single machine, a cluster of machines, or even your laptop. An unlicensed version can be downloaded for free and deployed like Trino. See the download links below. For installation instructions, refer to the documentation.

Starburst Enterprise improves performance and security while making it easy to deploy, connect, and manage your Trino environment with additional security tools, improved performance, new and enhanced connectors, data products, and a web-based management interface with a built-in IDE. 

Contact us for a free trial license key if you are interested in enabling these features.

Starburst Enterprise offers Short-Term Support (STS) and Long-Term Support (LTS) releases.

For information on Docker visit our Starburst documentation.


Step 1: Starburst Enterprise

Choose your preferred download type, and then head to the docs for guidance on installation and configuration.

Using Docker or Kubernetes? Contact us for help


Step 2: Client applications

Select the client you wish to use and then view the docs for CLI installation or JDBC installation tips.

Find out about more client supprt in our Documentation.

This feature overview details a complete list of cloud provider, management and administration, client, security, and support features available in Trino, and licensed Starburst Enterprise.

Additionally, our connector functionality overview details all available connectors and their respective features and enhancements.

Starburst Enterprise Short-Term Support (STS)

RPM: starburst-enterprise-429-e.rpm

Tarball: starburst-enterprise-429-e.tar.gz

CLI: trino-cli-429-e.executable.jar

JDBC driver: trino-jdbc-429-e.jar

For information on Docker visit our Starburst documentation.

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