Maven Archetype to create new Trino plugins

Creating new Trino plugins requires creating a whole bunch of files. Even copying them from some example is a chore. This Maven Archetype can be used as a template to quickly create a sample Trino plugin that:

  • builds correctly
  • includes integration tests
  • includes a workflow for creating new releases
  • includes a Dockerfile to build a Docker image so users can test run it quickly and easily

It defines a single table with 3 columns that always return a single row. It assumes the new plugin will be hosted at GitHub.

Check it out GitHub - nineinchnick/trino-plugin-archetype: Maven archetype to create new Trino plugins

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Nice, This will be super useful for code safaris!

We should put this on the website as add-on … or even get it into the main project.

I opened Add a Maven Archetype for creating new Trino plugins by nineinchnick · Pull Request #12929 · trinodb/trino · GitHub a year ago but there’s not much interest in it.