Varada Trino Connector - Community Edition

Hey All,
I wanted to share that the Community Edition of Varada’s Trino Connector is now available! The connector supports Trino 362 and Trino 364 on AWS (more versions coming soon!).

:rabbit: The connector automatically accelerates queries with smart indexing.
It’s free! Just try it!
:rabbit: Get started:
:rabbit: Join our slack: Slack

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Would you be able to link any videos that demonstrate the Varada connector? Ideally, one that’s not behind a form wall? Just so folks can get a sense of what the connector offers. Discourse embeds videos pretty well.

Welcome to the forum and thank you!

Thanks @bitsondatadev!
Sure, you can find in this blog a short tutorial that demonstrates the connector installation process.
I hope it helps and please do let me know if you have any other questions/ feedback (:

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Perfect :slight_smile: I’m marking it as a solution so it shows on the original post!

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Update - Varada was acquired by Starburst and the functionality is now available in Starburst Enterprise and Starburst Galaxy as Starburst Warp Speed.