View permissions in Starburst Galaxy

I’m testing Starburst Galaxy with our AWS Glue metastore. I can see all the schemas, tables, and views including their metadata. I can query over the tables. However, when I attempt to query over any view I get:
View '<catalog>.<schema>.<view>' is disabled until an explicit owner role is set. How do I fix this?

You must use “invoker” if you want the query to run as the person running the query and “definer” if you want it run as the user that created the view. For more information, visit our docs.

Specificall for Athena v2 and Starburst Galaxy, views between the systems are not interoperable. Creating new views from Trino with Security Invoker makes them work in Trino but does break them in Athena. You will get an error similar to GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: Invalid JSON bytes for [simple type, class com.facebook.presto.spi.ConnectorViewDefinition].