Start off the year right by registering for our two-day virtual conference, Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit. As of late, with the rise of this stunning new paradigm, many think that Data Mesh is an off-the-shelf tool. Sorry, you can’t buy a Data Mesh product. Moreover, Data Mesh is also not a synonym for data virtualization. You also can’t nest Data Mesh into any technological solution because it’s so much more than that! Fortunately, if you join this year’s Data Mesh summit, you’ll learn that building a Data Mesh vision is with the right culture, process, and technology.

As you might have suspected, this is one of many common misconceptions about what Data Mesh is and isn’t and that’s why Datanova 2022’s opening credits really belong to Starburst customers, also known as early Data Mesh adopters. They’ve experienced the realities of what it means to be on a Data Mesh journey. They’ve also tried many different solutions and landed on Data Mesh. Drum roll, please for reason number 3 on why you should register today…

Learn from Early Data Mesh Adopters!

See what our Starburst customers learned during their data democratization journeys. These data & analytics leaders will share their stories of technological innovation, uncovering new revenue streams, fighting pandemics, accelerating time-to-insight, boosting customer conversions, and more. Learn how:

  • EMIS Health is making new scientific discoveries with Starburst and changing the way we treat COVID-19
  • TSYS, a leading global payments provider, is building a distributed Data Mesh architecture backed by Starbust and built on Delta Lake
  • Northwestern Mutual is navigating the challenges and solutions to bring down time-to-insights in highly regulated financial companies

The common theme for all of our customers is they’re giving their teams faster connectivity and access to all of their data, which helps their teams make better data-driven decisions.

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