So far, we’ve highlighted a few reasons why you should attend Datanova: The Data Mesh Summit: The Woz and Justin Borgman. The next reason is so amazing, it deserves its own theme song.

A Data Product Master Class with Accenture! 

Teresa Tung, Accenture’s Cloud First Chief Technologist, will deliver a class focused on data products which are at the heart of the Data Mesh strategy and where Accenture primarily focuses their energies. For the business-minded, data products are the future of decisive data-driven insights that will drive new monetization opportunities: new products and services, reduced costs, trendspotting and so much more! 

But before we go to class, a little pre-work, if you will. 

Raise your hand if you know what a data product is in a Data Mesh. 

Click for the answer

This Master Class aims to answer data monetization questions by discussing these data product strategies: 

  • How to spot a data product opportunity: Data products are like a product on a balance sheet, where we can attribute value. How do you know which data product opportunities are worth pursuing? 
  • How to sell a data product concept internally: Getting buy-in is almost as critical as identifying your data product opportunity. You know that you won’t succeed without it. 
  • How to get started once your concept is sold: Once your data product concept is sold internally, you’ll have to cultivate your aptitude to execute on your idea. Figure out what your next right step should be.

You’ll leave this one-hour session with personalized next-steps for helping your business build data products.

Sharpen your business acumen and lead with flawless execution.

Watch on-demand now!

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