Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared a few examples of what it means to be a data rebel. Hopefully you’ve recognized yourself in some of these posts. If you’re looking for a different perspective and want to connect with other data rebels, this is the event! 

To recap, here are six reasons why you should register for Datanova: 

#1: Amazing rebels, Kara Swisher and Tara Rutley keynote Datanova 2023 

Walk on some sunshine with host of the Pivot podcast, Kara Swisher as she interviews Tara Ruttley, Space Station Chief Scientist of Blue Origin to understand the motives behind space tourism, why Silicon Valley is so obsessed with this idea, and why the government is not. They’ll also talk about the role data plays in all of this craziness. Or, is it really crazy? Not if you’re a rebel. 

#2: Free technical skill building — content that will make an immediate impact

Every query you run might have costly implications if you’re a data engineer or architect that bears the burden of making all the data things happen – faster, better, and cheaper. If you’re a data rebel at Datanova, you’ll experience technical skill-building opportunities to learn how to solve (big) data problems with modern data stack tools.

#3: The inaugural Data Rebel Awards, nominations now open! 

For all the data rebels who identify as a data engineer, data scientist, data leader, and data analyst and are fighting for their data, their code, their certifications, their digital transformation wins, their data-driven opportunities, we’ll be celebrating you

#4: Trino co-creators hosting SQL sessions

From their brain to yours — learn directly from the source with Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Philis! 

P.S. Pssst. The second edition of Trino just came out. Get your free copy, here!

#5 An All-Star Data Panel

Get courtside seats to learn and ponder with fellow data rebels in an all-star data panel, starring Zhamak Dehghani, Justin Borgman, Martin Casado, and Teresa Tung. Don’t miss this lively exchange between these dynamic minds about the hard and soft side of data: technology and people.

#6 Listen to leaders who have been there and back

As all rocket ships lead us back to the mothership: digital transformation, don’t miss your chance to listen to leaders who have reshaped their data strategy, and traveled back from the future to share their stories. This marquee event might be the competitive enablement you’ll need to meet your KPIs in 2023. 

If you’re a data rebel, register now.

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