Starburst Elements: A Holistic View of Your Cluster and Query Environment with Starburst Insights

Last Updated: April 6, 2023

This is the fifth episode in our video series, Starburst Elements, focused around anything and everything Starburst. In this episode, our Product Manager Vishal Singh explains how the feature Starburst Insights gives a holistic view of your cluster and query environment.


Seeing the entire picture is essential for organizations to make accurate and timely decisions to drive business outcomes. With numerous disparate data sources, and many concurrent users running different workloads, gaining visibility into overall performance and usage is an enormous benefit to our customers. Starburst Insights is a web application for cluster and query reporting on Starburst’s environment. It enables data teams to gain insights into their cluster operation and query execution so that they can identify any opportunity for the cluster and/or query optimization. 

Starburst Insights allows data analysts to write and test queries within the platform. This way an analyst can optimize their queries to reach a meaningful business decision faster, and administrators can drill down into the usage pattern to perform capacity planning by analyzing historical resource usage, performance, and costs. Starburst Insights provides recommendations to both data administrators and analysts to take the right actions in regard to cluster workload and query workload. This increases the data efficiency and productivity by providing a single point of fast data access to all of your data sources no matter where they live.

With help of our product Starburst Insights, Starburst customers can balance the performance and cost of their Starburst environment while getting fast access to data, no matter where data exists. 

  • Today, data teams need insights into their cluster’s operation and query execution so that they can identify any opportunity for cluster and query optimization. 
  • Data analysts want to optimize their queries so that they can reach meaningful business decisions faster. 
  • Data administrators want to drill down into the usage pattern to identify optimization and training opportunities, and perform capacity planning with respect to data growth in the organization, and produce chargeback reports by analyzing historical resource usage, performance, and costs.

Starburst Insights’ user-friendly interface provides all of this. While Data admins can view the organization’s data, Data analysts will have access to just their data. 

Data admins can view cluster usage or look at the query history and even filter down to just failed queries by a user or by a query type. Starburst Insights provides pre-canned reports around data usage by datasources, tables, and users. They can identify slow running queries by getting information around I/O bound queries. Data analysts or admins can drill down into any query to understand and get detailed execution information for the query. 

The goal of Starburst Insights is to empower our customers and data users so that they can optimize their queries and workload to reach meaningful decisions faster. 

Please visit us at starburst.io to learn more about Starburst Insights and how you can get the fastest access to data with full visibility into your workload.


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