Trino Champions

Join us in celebrating people who have gone above and beyond with Trino! Each month we'll be highlighting the achievements of Trino Champions to hopefully inform and inspire you as you work with this amazing project.

Champions of the Month

This month’s Trino Champions contributed examples that highlight the powerful new SQL routine capabilities in Trino.  They’ll be receiving a package with special Trino Champion swag, including a Nike backpack, Owala water bottle, a plushie Commander Bun Bun, and more.  If you’ve been impressed or inspired by someone in the Trino community, make sure to nominate them below to be a Trino Champion in the future!

Kevin Liu - Stripe

Our first Trino Champion, Kevin Liu, is a Software Engineer at Stripe and a very active Trino community member, having presented on Trino and Iceberg at our last Trino Fest. 

For his SQL routine example, Kevin took on the notoriously annoying task of parsing date strings. His routine makes a best effort to identify the date format being used in the string then converts it to the TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE format. A very cool example highlighting a very useful use case.

Check out the code in the Trino docs here.

Find Kevin on LinkedIn here or say hello to him in the Trino Slack.

Jan Waś - Starburst

Yes, Jan works at Starburst which might make us seem biased, but you can’t deny the work that he’s done above and beyond his day job in supporting Trino.  His key contributions to the Go client, Grafana connector, and much more has established him as a key part of the Trino project and community.

Jan contributed 6 SQL routine examples, two of which can be seen now in the Trino docs.  His first example truncates long strings of over 60 characters into a summarized format containing the beginning and end of the string, making the results much more readable.

His second contribution adds formatting that is currently not available in Trino’s format_number() function which currently does not support bytes.  His example here shows how to format large values of bytes into readable strings using a SQL routine.

You can find Jan hanging out in the Trino slack for any questions.

Nominate a Champion

If you want to call out a Trino community member who you feel has been inspiring and improving Trino and its community, nominate them below.  Each month we’ll be highlighting new Trino Champions!

What does it mean to be a Trino Champion?

The purpose of Starburst’s Trino Champions is not to create competition or an exclusive club to make your friends jealous.  Instead we simply want to foster good vibes and inspiration by highlighting interesting work being done by the Trino community.  If someone has, for example, contributed a new feature, overcome a real world implementation challenge, closed issues, or generally driven the project forward, they may be a Trino Champion.  In the future we’ll be sharing articles, videos, and other content that we hope you’ll find interesting, so make sure to check back often!

Besides the appreciation of the community, Trino Champions will receive a gift box including special swag such as:

  • Nike Backpack
  • Owala Water Bottle
  • Commander Bun Bun Plushie
  • Powerbank
  • ...and more!

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