Maintain your Apache Iceberg tables for free

Keep your Iceberg tables performant and healthy with automated table maintenance (compaction, vacuuming, and retention) in Starburst Galaxy

How to qualify for this promotion:


This offer is for Iceberg table maintenance jobs only, which includes: compaction, retention, vacuuming, and statistics.

  • Customer must have created a free trial account in Starburst Galaxy before September 2024 and must not be in a current contract with Starburst. This offer is available to the first 50 domains that claim it.
  • Usage will appear in the billing dashboard the same as any other compute jobs; however usage will be re-credited back to the Galaxy domain each month up to $500.

Promotion Terms and limitations:

  • Starburst is offering free usage of its Iceberg table maintenance feature for up to $500 per month per Galaxy domain for up to three months with a total value of $1500.
  • The Iceberg table maintenance feature is in preview, and, therefore, Starburst will not be responsible for any SLAs or uptime.
  • Starburst retains the ability to turn off or restrict the feature in the event Starburst decides the use has become excessive.
  • Any usage of table maintenance features after the three month promotion period ends will be charged at list price.
  • Starburst disclaims all liability in relation to this promotion and Customer’s enrollment in and use thereof.

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