Data Mesh Pathfinder

Custom Workshop: Get Started On Your Data Mesh Journey


We invite you and your team for a complimentary 2-hour Data Mesh Pathfinder workshop that’s exclusively tailored to your challenges and goals. This complimentary workshop is a preface to your 90-Day Data Mesh Pathfinder, which is designed to help you get started quickly from a people, process, and technology perspective. We’ll identify one or two simple use cases, deploy a single domain, create a handful of data products, identify roles and responsibilities and so much more.


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2-hour Data Mesh Pathfinder Workshop

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  • Establish Strategic Vision
  • Demonstrate a Functional MVP
  • Enable MVP team through Training

Key Activities:

    • Select the Pathfinder use case and agree on scope (e.g. 1 Domain, 6 Data Products, 3 Data Sources)
    • Establish Pre-MVP environment for early design and enablement activities
    • Data product design, refinement, and consumption
    • Domain Owner, Data Product Owner, and Consumer Enablement Training
    • Showcase the MVP
    • Integrate the Data Mesh into the Data Strategy

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Meet the Solutions Expert

Adrian Estala Profile Picture

Adrian Estala

Adrian Estala is the VP, Field Chief Data Officer and the host of Data Mesh TV. With a background in leading Digital and IT Portfolio Transformations, he understands the value of creating executive frameworks that focus on material business outcomes. Skilled with getting the most out of data-driven investments, Adrian is your trusted adviser to navigating complex data environments and integrating a Data Mesh strategy in your organization.

Get Ready for your Session with Adrian:
Watch our 3-Part Series


Part One:

Data Mesh Strategy
We build alignment on the strategic vision and create momentum by defining the MVP use case and the intended outcomes.

Part Two:

Designing and Building Your Pathfinder
To accelerate learning and engagement, we build a rapid PoC to demonstrate Data Mesh concepts with the consumers. In parallel, we work to deploy the production MVP platform and configure a Domain and 6 Data Products.

Part Three:

Onboarding & Adopting
In a Data-Driven culture, the business is in the driver’s seat. Most of the effort and focus for the Pathfinder should be with training your producers and consumers on how to create, manage and innovate with Data Products.


The Data Mesh Pathfinder

Get your complimentary copy today to learn how to:

  • What it means to embark on a Data Mesh journey from a data leader’s perspective
  • The three workstreams — design, configure, and enable — you’ll need to simultaneously manage
  • How industry leaders like EMIS Group and Sky are leveraging Data Mesh in their data management strategy

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