Bite-sized Data Mesh: A Breakfast Roundtable to discuss how to upvalue your corporate Data

8th February 2024 | Luise-Ullrich-Straße 14, 80636 München, Germany


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Join data executives, experts, and enterprise architects for an exclusive, invite-only morning gathering. We prepared the optimal setting for an insightful discussion on how to upvalue your corporate data and meet the ever-growing demand of your digital business staying competitive. As we enjoy a delicious breakfast and sip coffee, we’ll delve deep into the transformative power of modern Data Products within the concept of the Data Mesh. A panel of experts will jointly elaborate on how these Technologies can play a pivotal role for you. We will showcase fresh customer examples in practice and discuss, how to introduce this future-proof Enterprise Architecture into your environment. 


  • 9:00  – 9:30 am: Welcome: Enjoy your free breakfast & coffee with us
  • 9:30 – 10:15 am: Starburst, Data Reply and Dell Technologies – successful customer story for building Data Mesh
  • 10:15 – 11:00 am: Roundtable discussion – “Upvalue your Business with Data Products and Data Mesh“, led by Dietrich Klein – Principal Enterprise Architect, Dell Technologies
  • 11:00 am onwards – Feel free to stay for networking and another cup of coffee if you are available!


Your Hosts


Dietrich Klein

Principal Enterprise Architect, Dell Technologies

Korbi Zollner

Senior Manager Field Engineering, Starburst

Andrea Patelli

Associate Partner, Data Reply DE

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