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What is Data Mesh?

Data Mesh – an approach founded by Zhamak Dehghani – refers to a decentralized, distributed approach to enterprise data management. It is a holistic concept that sees different datasets as distributed products, orientated around domains. The idea is that each domain-specific dataset has its own embedded engineers and product owners to manage that data and its availability to other teams, driving a level of data ownership and responsibility, which is often lacking in the current data platforms that are largely centralised, monolithic, and often built around complex pipelines.

Data Mesh is founded around four core principles:

Domain-driven data ownership architecture

Data as a product

Self-serve infrastructure as a platform

Federated computational governance

Introduction to Data Mesh

In this introduction to Data Mesh, Zhamak Dehghani gives a high-level overview of the concept, which is a paradigm shift that draws from modern distributed architecture considering domains as the first-class concern, applying platform thinking to create self-serve data infrastructure, and treating data as a product.

How to Build a Foundation for Data Mesh: A Principled Approach

In this session, Zhamak Dehghani gives an in-depth explanation of how to apply Data Mesh to your current architecture, following four principles: domain-oriented decentralized data ownership and architecture, data as a product, self-serve data infrastructure as a platform, and federated computational governance.

What Data Mesh Means for Data Analysts

What does data mesh actually mean for data analysts? In this panel discussion moderated by moderated by Sean Zinsmeister, VP Product Marketing at ThoughtSpot, panelists Zhamak Dehghani, founder of the term Data Mesh, Daniel Abadi, Darnell-Kanal Professor of Computer Science at University of Maryland, College Park, and Gareth Stevenson, Director, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Bank of America share an interesting mix of perspectives.

More Resources

SQL is Your Data Mesh API

This blog describes why an externalized query service, like Starburst, and a data access control tool, like Immuta provide the perfect framework to enable data mesh.

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Data Mesh: The Answer to the Data Warehouse Hypocrisy

Computer Science Professor Daniel Abadi shares his perspective on the Data Mesh and it’s effectiveness and application in relation to the Data Warehouse architecture.

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Data Mesh in Practice: How Europe’s Leading Online Platform for Fashion Goes Beyond the Data Lake

Check out Data Mesh in practice in this talk from the Databricks AI Summit 2020 which follows our customer Zalando’s journey from a centralized Data Lake to a distributed Data Mesh architecture backed by Spark and built on Delta Lake.

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