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Datanova for Data Leaders

Virtual Summit | October 27, 2021

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On Wednesday, October 27th, 10am – 12pm ET, join us for a two-hour leadership summit packed with Data Mesh education, real-world examples, and discussion of potential outcomes. Learn how you can leverage Data Mesh to drive business growth, enhance performance, and accelerate productivity. Learn how to be a hero by implementing Data Mesh inside your organization.

Datanova for Data Leaders will feature insights from noteworthy data leaders, subject matter experts, and industry practitioners on current and emerging trends and industry best practices.

Summit Highlights:

  • A panel discussion on the potential impact and ROI of Data Mesh with Zhamak Dehghani from Thoughtworks, Mangesh Patil from Disney, and Richard Jarvis from EMIS Health.
  • Is Data Mesh the Answer to Data Democratization? Be sure to attend this keynote by Teresa Tung, Cloud First Chief Technologist from Accenture.
  • Priceline Innovates Travel with Starburst: In this lightning talk, hear Valli Musti, Engineering Leader at Priceline, share their story of innovation.

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  • 10:00AM-10:05AM, EST
    3:00PM-3:05PM, BST


  • 10:05AM-10:20AM, EST
    3:05PM-3:20PM, BST

    A Primer on Data Mesh

    Gone are the days of monolithic data architectures. Are you Data Mesh ready? In this session, Andy Mott, Lead Solution Architect – Data Mesh at Starburst will explain everything Data Mesh.

  • 10:20AM-10:50AM, EST
    3:20PM-3:50PM, BST

    Is Data Mesh the Answer to Data Democratization?

    In this session, Accenture’s Cloud First Chief Technologist, Teresa Tung will highlight the key benefits of democratizing data and share how the Data Mesh paradigm can enable data access by unlocking the value of distributed data.

  • 10:50AM-11:30AM, EST
    3:50PM-4:30PM, BST

    Panel Discussion: The Potential Impact of Data Mesh Across Industries

    Moderated by Paul Gillin, a senior editor at SiliconANGLE, this forward-looking panel featuring Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies at Thoughtworks, Mangesh Patil, Director of AI/ML Solutions & Data Platforms at Disney, and Richard Jarvis, Chief Technology Officer at EMIS Health will explore the huge impact that industry leaders are witnessing and expecting across different verticals with Data Mesh. 

  • 11:30AM-11:45AM, EST
    4:30PM-4:45PM, BST

    Customer Spotlight: Priceline Achieves Travel Innovation With Starburst

    Hear Valli Musti, Engineering Leader at Priceline, share their story of innovation and their data and analytics journey with Starburst with Data Mesh as their core architecture.

  • 11:45AM-12:00PM, EST
    4:45PM-5:00PM, BST

    Partner Spotlight: Transform your Data into Actionable Business Insights (with Insight)

    Siloed data obstructs your ability to make intelligent business decisions. In this session by Ken Seier, North American Strategic Lead, Chief Architect, Data & AI at Insight, learn how Data Mesh facilitates data sharing and helps with decision making.

  • 12:00PM, EST
    5:00PM, BST



Zhamak Dehghani

Director of Emerging Technologies, ThoughtWorks

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist, Accenture

Justin Borgman

CEO & Co-Founder, Starburst

Andy Mott

Partner Solution Architect, Starburst

Valli Musti

Head of Data Engineering, Priceline

Richard Jarvis

Chief Technology Officer, EMIS

Mangesh Patil

Director of AI/ML Solutions & Data Platforms, Disney

Ken Seier

North American Strategic Lead, Chief Architect, Data & AI, Insight

Jess Iandiorio

Chief Marketing Officer, Starburst

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