Data Mesh: What It Is & Why You Need It

An emerging paradigm to get the most out of your data!

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For data teams and businesses to get the most out of operational and analytical data, many organizations today are turning to Data Mesh as their go-to organizational, architectural and technological approach. Why? Data teams today face enormous cognitive and process pains of their existing data architectures: Vendor lock-in, data consistency and quality, as well as significant delays from time-to-insight.

Founder of the Data Mesh paradigm Zhamak Dehghani sums up Data Mesh perfectly as, “A decentralized sociotechnical approach in managing and accessing analytical data at scale.”

In this eBook, learn:

  • Today’s data architectural landscape and challenges
  • The four founding principles of Data Mesh: domain driven ownership, data as a product, self-serve infrastructure, and federated governance
  • Where to start when translating data value to business value
  • Ways to enable autonomy with a self-service platform while maintaining governance
  • How Data Mesh can enable, respond, sustain, and support your data and analytics strategy

Download your complimentary copy of this eBook and learn how Data Mesh can help you get the most out of your data-driven investments.

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