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Experience Starburst Stargate, A Gateway For Global Cross-Cloud Analytics


24th June 2021
11am-11:40am BST / 12pm-12:40pm CEST

Join us for an interactive Ask an Architect session to learn how Starburst Stargate enables organisations to run cross-cloud analytics on data distributed across the globe. Additionally, Stargate ensures compliance with global data sovereignty regulations, enabling organisations to analyse data residing across borders without moving it.

James Mesney, Solution Architect EMEA, Kieran Kenny and Jonny Baugh, Solution Development from Starburst, are your hosts for the session – you can expect to:

  • Learn how Starburst Stargate is used to address:
    • Data Sovereignty – ensure compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR & CCPA
    • Distributed Data Mesh – see how Stargate operates as the SQL-based query engine that operates across a data mesh architecture
    • Cross-cloud Analytics – learn how Stargate breaks down data access barriers across clouds and regions, empowering organisations with full, accurate insights from their global data
  • And, quiz our Solution Architecture expert, James

Join This Ask An Architect Session

40 Minutes of Learning

Accelerated Analytics

Catch a 20-minute live demo of how to scale analytics with Starburst Stargate. We’ll show you how you can easily federate queries across multiple data sources.

Inspired Use Cases

Learn about Starburst Stargate use cases that deliver improved performance, reliability, and cost savings for your data analytics workloads.

Ask An Architect

Quiz our experts James Mesney, Jonny Baugh, and Kieran Kenny – bring your Starburst and modern data analytics questions.

Your Hosts

James Mesney

Solution Architect EMEA

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James works with pioneering customers such as EMIS Health in the UK and Zalando in Germany to optimise and enhance their data architecture with Starburst.

Kieran Kenny

Solution Development EMEA

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Kieran is the first point of contact for all Starburst customers - he is focused on accelerating time to value by bringing together the right resources, educational content, and expertise.

Jonny Baugh

Solution Development EMEA

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Jonny is also focused on delivering timely and relevant Starburst learning experiences to our newest customers, working with data teams across Europe to get closer to data-driven use cases on Starburst.

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