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Accelerating data access in highly regulated European environments

May - June - July

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Are you leading a data team, or a data expert thinking about ways to make your data platform more efficient and future-proofed while navigating the complexities of highly regulated industries like finserv? Here is a comprehensive webinar series tailored just for you.

Join us for three enlightening episodes where we unveil innovative solutions to drive your data initiatives forward without regulatory or compliance risk.

Key topics include:

  • How to modernize your existing data architecture, by boosting the performance of your legacy sources while taking advantage of new formats and tools (webinar 1)
  • How to analyze all your customer data stored in different regions while remaining compliant with data protection laws (webinar 2)
  • How a leading european financial institution accelerated data analytics by connecting Starburst to its existing data sources and tools (webinar 3)

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Wednesday, 29th May - 10 am BST / 11 am CEST

Webinar 1:

Boost Your Data Strategy by Blending Legacy with Modern Technologies

Are you getting the most value from your data? Accessing data across various technologies and locations presents a range of obstacles. These include differing security needs, evolving technologies, positive ROI, and regulatory compliance.

Learn how some of the largest financial institutions in the world are using Starburst to upgrade their legacy platforms (such as Hadoop Data Lake) to contemporary cloud-based or on-premises environments.

With a transparent and forward-thinking approach, Starburst helps accelerate the access to data while upholding rigorous security standards, to ensure compliant data access across locations.

Wednesday, 26th June - 10 am BST / 11 am CEST

Webinar 2:

Unlock Secure and Compliant Data Access and Sharing Across Regions

In today’s data-driven landscape, organizations across Europe face the dual challenge of compliantly enabling democratized data access under the Data Governance Act (DGA) while ensuring compliance with data sovereignty and privacy requirements under GDPR.

Join us for an insightful session where we dive into the intersection of secure data democratization and data sovereignty by connecting data silos and using data products to securely share trusted and quality data, all while enforcing necessary governance and security policies.

Pascal Gasp
Arne Ottens

Webinar 3:

A European bank story

More details to come on this session.

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