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The Grid® Report for Big Data Analytics Software by G2 is published seasonally, and it is complemented by Enterprise Relationship Index for Big Data Analytics. The focus on feedback and reviews from customers makes both reports highly trusted sources of information when comparing vendors. When a company gets a great rating from G2, you know it’s their real-life customers — the ones relying on the technology to evolve the way they’re accessing data — that gave them the grade. That’s why at Starburst, we’re delighted to have been identified as a leading big data analytics vendor.

Starburst swept multiple G2 categories on the Spring 2024 Grid® Report, ranking #1 for:

  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of Support
  • Data Security 
  • Integration APIs

Enterprise Grid for Big Data Analytics Software

The Enterprise Grid for Big Data Analytics Software | Spring 2024 by G2


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We are the fastest path from question to answer

Simple deployment anywhere

Our SQL query engine can securely access data stored anywhere; across cloud and hybrid environments.

Connect everything

Our robust ecosystem of connectors ensures lightning-fast access to most systems.

Make better decisions, faster

Our approach makes ETL optional, providing a better path to analyzing distributed data while reducing data complexity, cost & decision-making delays.

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