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What is Presto?

Presto was first developed at Facebook, and released as open source in 2013. It’s become a popular open source project used by thousands of companies – including LinkedIn, Netflix, Lyft, Airbnb, and more. It’s used to quickly access data from any database and unlock analytics capabilities.

Who is Starburst?

Starburst provides a fully supported, production-tested and enterprise-grade distribution of open source Presto. We help improve performance and security while making it easy to deploy, connect, and manage your Presto environment.

Why Starburst for Presto?

Starburst is proud to have all four Presto creators on our team. Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips and Eric Hwang who are all Presto experts and have been amongst the largest contributors to the community. In addition to their software contributions, they provide hours of training and education to the growing community.

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