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Featuring Starburst, Deloitte, and Google

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Hear from Shaun Van Staden from Starburst, Kate Guo from Google and and Matt Iames from Deloitte in this on-demand webinar and demo!

In today’s data-driven world, organizations must harness all of their data for a competitive advantage while laying the foundation for AI use cases. We explore how to create a robust and cost-effective data strategy using Looker’s analytics capabilities and Starburst Galaxy’s efficient data querying solutions. Delving into the challenges of managing data and presenting solutions for optimizing data storage, processing, and analysis. 

Watch on-demand


  • Learn: how to access and modernize your distributed data sources with a an open, trusted, lakehouse architecture
  • Customer story: hear how customers are using this solution to solve for regulatory and sovereignty initiatives
  • Demo: connect and run analytics, at warehouse-like speeds without the need to move or replicate data, cross-cloud and cross-region


Shaun Van Staden

Director, Partner Solutions Architects at Starburst

Kate Guo

Analytics & AI/ML Specialist at Google Cloud

Matt Iames

Data Modernization Lead at Deloitte

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