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Data warehouse vs data lakehouse: GigaOm analysis revealed

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The evolving data landscape has led to various architectural patterns, and modern data lakes have emerged as a key component of that evolution. Watch on-demand to understand the GigaOm field test comparing two popular enterprise data architectural patterns: a cloud data warehouse based on a Snowflake architecture and cloud data lakehouse with a Starburst architecture.

In this on-demand webinar, Tom Nats and Andrew Brust suggest a few practical next steps you can take for your organization. Highlights include:

  • Performance and capability differences between Snowflake and Starburst
  • Effort required to migrate from legacy systems
  • Cost-based compute infrastructure for meeting performance thresholds
  • Total cost of ownership across multiple scenarios and the most economical approach for a data lakehouse transition

Hint: There’s a front runner that provided a sizable reduction in migration effort and is the most economical approach. 

After all, making fast data-driven decisions (and at a low cost) is a competitive advantage, everywhere.

Watch on-demand


Tom Nats

Director, Customer Solutions at Starburst

Andrew J. Brust

GigaOm Analyst

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