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Nightmare on Data Warehouse Street

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Are you haunted by the relentless demands of the data world? In this on-demand webinar, Monica Miller guides you through the dark arts of harnessing Starburst to unlock the full potential of your cloud data warehouse and data lake within a single, mystical platform.

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What you'll learn:

The myth of maintaining that single source of truth is becoming more and more difficult to uphold. Between the costs, efficiency metrics, and endless migrations, it’s too easy for your data warehouse to turn into a nightmare. So, how can data engineers build a flexible data architecture that has been proven successful?

At Starburst, we help data practitioners brew data magic by capitalizing on the low cost storage solutions and implementing newer, more modern tools, file formats, table formats and governance solutions that data teams want to productionalize.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to transform your data swamp into a well-functioning modern data lake
  • Best practices for harnessing the powers of both warehouse and lake solutions
  • Tips to avoid spooky costs within your data warehouse by offloading and augmenting workloads

Your Host

Monica Miller

Developer Advocate at Starburst

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