ESG Data Integration – Turning Regulatory Burdens into Business Opportunities

June 1st, 2023 at 11:30 am CEST

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Unfortuntely, we had to cancel this webinar due to sickness. Please feel encouraged to leave your contact details if you’d like to learn more about this topic.

Take your organization’s ESG efforts to the next level!

Do you struggle with effectively analyzing and contextualizing high-volume ESG data from multiple sources and diverse formats? Fortunately, there is a way to transform this regulatory burden into a business and technology use-case that can be an integral part of your digital transformation agenda.

In this 30-minute session, you will learn:

  • The actual challenges of ESG data integration
  • How to turn regulatory burdens into business opportunities
  • ESG data integration as a digital transformation use-case
  • Supercharging your ESG agenda through joining forces with Starburst and Ferris Labs

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Joseph Gade

Solution Architect, EMEA @ Starburst

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Skilled with getting the most out of data-driven investments, Jospeh is a trusted adviser to navigating complex data environments and integrating the Data Mesh vision on your terms. His contagious passion for learning and innovation creates an engaging discussion with executives who are on their own digital transformation journey.

Thomas Debus

Co-Founder @ Integration Alpha & Ferris Labs

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Telling stories with data is Tom's passion. And making the world a better place one data product at a time is his purpose. After years integrating people, data and technology for global Financial Services companies, Tom set out as an entrepreneur and has since brought to market, scaled and exited various ventures. As solution architect Tom also teaches “Data Product Design” at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg. His latest venture “Ferris Labs” helps enterprises to own and execute their digital innovation, one use case at a time.

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