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Starburst Galaxy and the Data Lakehouse with Dain Sundstrom, Trino Co-Creator & Starburst CTO


Tune in as Dain Sundstrom, one of the original co-creators of the open-source Trino project goes in-depth on Starburst Galaxy and the data lakehouse. A new exciting data architecture has emerged, the data lakehouse, and Starburst plays a vital role in a successful architecture along with adoption. In this session, you learn more about features available on the platform to enable your team to develop and grow your data lake strategy using Starburst Galaxy.

  • Understand how to enable data warehouse-like performance on the data lake by leveraging powerful open table formats like Iceberg and Delta Lake
  • Discover new capabilities in Starburst Galaxy which enable ELT analytics on the data lake
  • Proving a walkthrough of exciting integrations currently available in Starburst Galaxy with insight on our roadmap
  • Learn more about the future of Starburst Galaxy with an overview of our upcoming roadmap


Dain Sundstrom

Trino Co-Creator and CTO, Starburst

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