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Improving data access and insights using Starburst Trino at Optum


Join Optum’s Mike Prior, Principal Engineer, alongside Dwight Evers, Senior Solutions Architect at Starburst to talk about Optum’s success improving their data access and insights using Starburst. Starburst provides data consumers with a single point of secure access to all of your data no matter where it lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to have faster access to your data
  • Improve your resource utilization
  • Manage your compute and storage costs independently





Dwight Evers

Senior Solutions Architect

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Dwight is a Senior Solutions Architect at Starburst. Since joining Starburst, he has worked with customers in healthcare and financial services to realize faster analytics and help them through data federation challenges. Dwight has been with Starburst since 2019.

Mike Prior

Principal Engineer

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Mike is a Principal Engineer at Optum. He specializes in open source search and analytics experience. He also works closely on delivering infrastructure as a service and documenting and testing IT continuity processes.

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