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Starburst Enterprise

Starburst completes open-source Trino (formerly Presto SQL) for the enterprise.

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Manage Your Big Data Costs – Starburst provides a true separation of storage and compute, allowing you to only carve out the compute resources necessary to meet your needs.

Improve The Time to Value of Your Company’s Data – When you can access all your data wherever it resides you increase the rate at which analytics can drive value.

Increase Your Optionality – Connect to all of your data sources allowing any user, with any BI tool, to execute interactive analytical queries

This technical deep dive into Starburst covers

  • An Overview of Trino and how it functions as a highly scalable distributed query engine.
  • Present-day challenges of building a big data platform and how Trino solves these.
  • Trino use cases
  • Starburst Overview and what our team of dedicated Trino-engineers have added to the open source version.
  • Starburst Features such as certified data source connectors, security enhancements, performance improvements, etc.

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